Best Tourist Attractions in Argentina,- Argentina is one of countries in South America. Argentina is famous with Tango, beef consumption and also the pampas. If you want to enjoy more some interesting places in Argentina, you need to search information where to go in Argentina. Some tourist attractions here will help you to enjoy Argentina and use your time effectively when you are in Argentina.

1. Ibera Wetlands

First you need to go to Ibera Wetlands. It is the second largest wetlands in the world. In this place you can find true paradise. It is the best place for all of you who like to know the richest fauna in Argentina. In this place, you can find caimans, capybaras, howler monkeys, birds and armadillos. You can see all animals on foot or using boat or you can also enjoy riding horse if you want.

Best Tourist Attractions in Argentina
Ibera Wetlands

2. Ushuaia

Second, major tourist attraction in Argentina is Ushuaia. This place is very famous because of some pretty buildings in this place. In this city, you can find some famous casinos. You who want to bet your money can choose one of some casinos in this city. You can stay in the best hotel with great scenery because there are some hotels that are offered to you. For all of you who want to enjoy all best food from this place, you can find best restaurant in this city.

Best Tourist Attractions in Argentina

3. Mendoza Wine regions

Third, you can go to Mendoza Wine regions. In this place, you can find famous winemaking industry in this country. This place is located in eastern foothills or Andes vineyard.  It is the best place for you who like to enjoy original wine from Argentina. You can also do some activities such as skiing, adventures and also rafting. You will be able to enjoy amazing scenery in this place. You should not miss this place.

Top Tourist Attractins in Argentina
Mendoza Wine regions

There are argentina tourist attractions and it is better for you to know some travel tips for Argentina. It helps you to prevent some bad things. Each of countries will have different rule that is why you must check some tips here.

First, you must be careful with fake money because Argentina is famous with lot of corruption.
Second, you must choose best transportation in Argentina. Subway is best transportation to choose. You should not choose taxi because taxi is so expensive.  As alternative, you can choose bus because it is easier than other transportation.


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