Puerto Rico Tourist Attraction Destinations

There are some people who are looking for Puerto Rico tourist attraction destinations. They want to go to Puerto Rico but they don’t know where to go. You don’t need to worry because you can get information of five places to visit when you go to Puerto Rico. Here, you can also find some tips to travel in Puerto Rico.

First you can go to Castillo de San Felipe Del Morro. This place is best place for you who want to learn about history.

castillo de san felipe del morro  Puerto Rico Tourist Attractions

Second, you need to go to the Vieques Biobay. It is the best place to enjoy moonless night and some beautiful scenery in this place.

vieques biobay  Puerto Rico

Third, you can go to El Yunque. It is the best place for you who like to enjoy tropical rainforest and waterfall. In this place you can enjoy wonderful flora. It is good place for you who like to climb mountain.

Puerto Rico Tourist Attractions

Fourth, you can visit Culebra. It is the best beach that you must visit. There are some hotels near the beach. You can enjoy beautiful scenery from the balcony of your hotel.

Puerto Rico Tourist Attractions

Fifth, you can visit Camuy Caves.  Some travel agents will recommend you to visit this place because you can enjoy natural view from the cave. Camuy Cave system is one of largest cave in the world. When you want to visit this place, it is important for you to get guidance. There are some activities to do in this place such as mud-sliding, body rafting or do free jumping.

 Puerto Rico Tourist Attractions

As it is said above, before you go to some puerto rico tourist attractions, it is important for you to check tips to travel to Puerto Rico.

First there is no passport needed. You must feel so happy because you don’t need to use passport to come to this country. It means you can save extra money to visit this place. Unfortunately you will need long time to pass immigration.

Second, you must learn how to speak Spanish because most Puerto Ricans speak Spanish. If you are expert in English, you still can communicate with some people in this country.

Third, you don’t need to exchange your money because this country uses U.S Dollar. You can pay cash, debot or even credit. You can find ATM in some locations. It is easy to take your money.

Fourth, when you want to save more money, it is important to bargain all things. Food and drink are expensive so you must prepare your extra money to buy food and drink.


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