Tourist attraction: How to go to San Francisco from Los Angeles

There may be many San Francisco tourist attractions that you have known before. But you have not had a chance to visit the city. So, when you have the best time, you should plan some appropriate location for your holiday. Also, you do not want to waste your best time during the trip. Well, where those locations?

California Palace of the Legion of Honor,- Please visit this place if you have a priority to enjoy the artwork. In this place, you will be witnesses of the legendary works of thousands of years ago. Also, you will actually see the real works that have probably only know from books or movies.

Lombard Street,- There are always interesting in San Francisco, especially if you like the styles of urban modernity. Well, in this place, you can capture a lot of the best moments. Interestingly, you will always be accompanied by rows of flowers that are always lined up along your way. Therefore, please visit this place if you have time.
Tourist Attractions on the Way to San Francisco from Los Angeles

Chinatown,- This is where you will prove that the United States is a nation for all nations. It is a region that has remarkable characteristics, especially when you take a walk along the alley. There are several interesting locations like the Golden Gate Cookie Factory, and many more restaurants, markets and shops which always offering your needs.

Golden Gate Bridge, You can be sure that you are not likely ignoring this place. Golden Gate Bridge is an option even always is a symbol of the presence of San Francisco. You can take an incredible journey along the 1.7-mile length.

Tourist Attractions on the Way to San Francisco from Los Angeles

Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf,- You should visit these places because you will need entertainments streets with interesting concepts. You can stand on the deck and wait for extraordinary moments of the seals. Or simply enjoy the scenery while you browse several stores and sellers.

Coit Tower,- Well, leave the crowd below, and it's time to climb higher. In Coit Tower, you can enjoy the view from the 210-foot-high building. Perhaps, it would be one of the best spots to enjoy the scenery typical of San Francisco.

Take your time to invite family or friends. Maybe, you're on a business trip, and have some time to relax. So, some of the top travel destinations will be the recommendations for you. Please enjoy your trip perfectly and get the more explorations from the city scenes.


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