The Most Popular Toronto Tourist Attraction Places,- Toronto is the capital provincial of Ontario, Canada. Population reached more than 2.600.000 Trontonians in 2011 and 5.000.000 in Great Toronto Area. According to the media mass report, Toronto was the fourth most populous city in north America. Toronto is the main city of Toronto great area which located on the northwestern Lake Ontario shore .

As the capital and the modern city in Canada, Canadian Commercial trading is concentrated in this city. Leading the economic sectors, Toronto is facilitated by a number of modern facilities for anyone who want to spent their vacation in this city such as Traditional and modern market, Artificial Artistic Building, Food and Restaurant and Hotel. This city always crowded by local and foreign tourist.

The Most Popular Toronto Tourist Attraction Place 

Toronto has a good tourist attraction in Canada. If you have plan to go to Canada, I suggest to do not forget to visit and enjoy some tourist attractions in this place. Here the list that you have to consider about it before you go to Toronto

Ontario Lake Shore Tourist Attraction,- Ontario lake shore is the one five great lakes in America but the the the most shallow lake in the world relatively to lake size. Covering 58,106 km square, this lake contain 1.640.000.000  Ton water.

Ontario Lake tourism destinations

Ontario lake has a blue water and white sand. It looks like a sea. The most important attraction in this lake is a shipwreck. The Ship sank only 20 feet into the lake. it was Sweepstakes that shank on 1885 near from Cove Island, Toronto. This is the most beautiful shipwreck in the world. Base on Dailymail site on Friday, 8 February 2012, there are more than 3 million shipwreck in the lake. It will be a wonderful tourism experience when you dive to the wreck-ship during the summer. There a lot of Fish and coral inhabit this area for long time ago.

Kensington Market Tourist Attraction,- It is not just a market. There a lot of seller come to this palce to sell something. Base on article, there are more than 140 people and language. This will be the most atractive city that you do not need to go anywhere to see the world around you.

Bloor-Yorkville Tourism Place,- Boorl-Yorkville is Fashion trading center which is located in the center of the city. Tourist may find a Restaurant, Local art gallery, and Victoria old-look Houses. This market also sell Holt Renvert, Prada, Hermes, Gucci and Hazelton Lanes.
CN-Tower Destination,- Canada is also popular for its CN-tower which is located in Toronto. This tower has been a popular tourist attraction place since it was build from the first time. This tower is used by Canada authority as observation and telecommunication tower.

Canada Tourist Attraction

Toronto Culinary Tourism Place,- The most popular culinary in Toronto is Maple syrup. It is really good to drink with a bread and pancake. Toronto Culinary is impacted by many cultures around the world. You may try all of world cuisine such us Italian food, Hindustan food, Chinese food, Vietnamese food, Mexican food, or you may try a Jewish unique food. So do not need to worry about the kind of food do you like to eat.


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