Wonderful Indonesian Tourism Attraction Places

Bondengattractions.com,- Indonesia as the one of many Tourism country  destinations  always present a friendly tourist place . Not only for the Indonesian people but also for anyone who comes to Indonesia. This is a good reason why Indonesia become a great destination for your vacation. The other thing is the government of Indonesia campaign to visit Indonesia as your destination. Spend your Holiday in Indonesia will make your fill different experience of Holiday. To support the “Visit Indonesia”, Indonesia government supports and develops tourist facilities development such as Hotel, Restaurant and Transportation.

Indonesia is the best tourism place which provides all off Tourism Attraction such as Nature and Beach, Modern and Shopping excursion, Historic and cultural tourism place. All of Indonesian Tourism place that you may visit spread and lie form the east island, Papua, to west Island, Sabang.  The most important things before you go to this country, you have to make the list of Tourism Place in Indonesia that will be visited.

Wonderful Indonesian Tourism Attraction Places 

Bali Nature Tourism Place,- All of Travelling lover should know Bali Island. Bali Island is the most popular Indonesian tourism place. You may find everything in this island. Mountain, Lake, Cultural Tourism, Beach, Seashore, Diving spot, Fishing Spot, Surfing Spot, Traditional and modern shopping or everything you need are in Bali. Suar Mas Inn, Jl Pidada 18x (Rp 100.0000 - Rp 160.000) Maximum 4 Person for a room.

Indonesian attractactive Place

Tana Toraja,- Land of The Lost Of World Atalanta, Even tough I am not really sure about it but it still a wonderful place to visit. Traditional and Culture Attractions is the primary things to visit. There a lot of unique things such as Hanging Graveyard and Ramba Solo. Especially for Ramba Solo,  This the most unique thing in Tana Toraja. This is graving ceremony which make the dead body walking to her/his grave. It is Shaman Work. Graving ceremony in Tator is more luxury than Wedding ceremony. It spent around  80 buffaloes and 1 Bonga Buffalo to bring a dead body to the heaven, by their faith. Sahid Torata Hotel, Jl Raya Gettengan (Rp. 420.000)

Indonesian Excursion Place

Komodo Island,- Komodo Island become one of seven world wonder in 2012. This is the home Dragon Komodo which is live in Komodo Island Only. This Island also surrounded by a beautiful beach and seashore. Half of beach directly face to blue ocean of Pacific. This Island located in Middle Indonesia. The government also built a lot of Inn  for anyone who comes to spent their holiday in this place .

Taka Bonerate Island,- Taka Bonerate Island is a group of Bonerate Island in south Selayar, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. There are many wonderful spot diving in here. This location isolated by city activities, so we can enjoy to spent our private time here. Do not afraid to transportation and accommodation. South Sulawesi government has a program to Support Visitor to visit Taka Bonerate Island. The easy way to go here is landing on Makassar international Airport. Than you may check a travel agent in Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, Makassar.  

Raja Ampat Island,- Raja Ampat Island is the gouph of Island in west Papua.  This is marine site excursion place. There are four big islands in this site. Waigeo Island, Misool Island, Salawasti Island and Batanta Island. Indonesian Research department found there 540 types(75% of World Coral Types) of coral found in this site and 1000 Species of Fish. There is no more bigger site in the world like Raja Ampat Island. 

Indonesian Tourism

Jogjakarta, The city of student.- Jogjakarta also known as the city of sultan. This is the only one province in Indonesia which is leaded by a King, not a Governor. There are a lot of Tourism place in here, such as Merapi Mountain, Taman Sari, Keraton (The King House) and Malioboro Street. When you are going to the south, there are a lot of awesome beach with a huge wave such Pantai Selatan Beach and Kidul Beach. There is International airport in the middle of city, known well as Adisucipto Airport. Even though there are many excursions places out side of Jogjakarta Province but Jogjakarta is the best place that linked to the Center Java or East Java.  


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