9/11 Monument: Memory of World Terror

Bondengattractions.com A monument to remind people in the world about the collapse of the building which was once the tallest building in the world, the World Trade Center (WTC), New York. 9/11 Monument officially was opened on Monday (12/9). It one one the a lot of New York Attraction that you have to see it when you go to there.

9-11 becomes an unforgettable memory for the world, in particular, families of victims of burst and collapse of the WTC buildings. Monument constructed at the site of the WTC exactly. There, built two ponds are made of granite. Both pools with water flow like a fountain that was built right on the former twin towers of the WTC.  At the poolside there is a panel or hallway of bronze that written the names of those who died during the tragedy, 2001 in New York, Washington, Shanksville, Pennsylvania, as well as victims in 1993.

Around the pond planted 400 trees at the edge of the road and plaza toward the pond. All of these trees is a new crop of trees except one. A tree dubbed "Survivor Tree" or trees that survived found among the rubble and treated to be replanted.

In addition to the monument, a museum of The National September 11 is also being built. The plan, the museum will open in 2012. To get into the memorial, visitors are free of charge, but must register in advance. Wow, tourists who visit must be lined up, you know.

9/11 Monument: Memory of World Terror Torism Place
9/11 Monument: Memory of World Terror
9/11 Monument: Memory of World Terror Tourist Attractions
9/11 Monument: Memory of World Terror
9/11 Monument: Memory of World Terror Destination

In fact, there are 7,000 people who already had tickets to visit on opening day to the public, while 400,000 people have signed up to come in a few months to depan.Siapa want to come in line?


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